Who Is Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the pioneers of a well-known Kibo Code Quantum Program. You might have heard about this program before. It has been a very popular and successful program across the world. This program has helped and is still doing to many entrepreneurs who are passionate to create their own websites and earn money online.

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Since after the pandemic, the world has turned upside down. Those who own brick-and-mortar businesses have been affected a lot just like many other professions that include physical interaction. In such circumstances, online earning through websites enable you to fulfill your needs without puttingyour or someone’s else life and health at risk. Not just it is meant to earn money but brings unlimited opportunities to skillful individuals and artists to showcase their skills and talent.

Through this Kibo Code Quantum Program, individuals receive assistance and direction to learn how to make money online. To earn online, one must need to develop some soft skills such as freelancing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and the list goes on. These two great individuals we are talking about are masters of e-commerce training and entrepreneurship. The world has acknowledged their skills since they launched this successful program with incredible yield.

Here we are shedding light on their livesand how they come where they are standing today.

Aidan And Steve

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth is a digital marketing strategist. He is known for his skills in making up plans and strategies that can help someone reach near his goal of maximum return on investment. He, Steve Clayton, and Tim Godfrey collaborated to discover, identify, and practice methods that are useful for achieving the goal of maximum yield in online businesses. While working on different aspects of e-commerce marketing such as sales tactics, trends, and products he found some productive methods to implement for success on different e-commerce platforms.

However, after that, he decided not to keep it a secret to himself but, let the world know about these very basic yet highly effective methods to make their business a success.

Steve Clayton

There is no doubt, the pair of Aidan and Cleve equally share the credit of the Kibo Code Quantum Program’s success, Steve Clayton made a sheer contribution with his knowledge and experience. By profession, he is a digital marketer and has been employed in many famous firms on the position of manager and sometimes even leader of digital marketing. Hence, before launching this incredible program with his partner Aidan, Steve had already served in multiple accredited companies. That’s why he is also called ‘an e-commerce guru.’ He did great efforts beside his companion for the development and operation of their biggest venture.

This partnership of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton was developed in 2013. Today, both of them own several businesses running online. Another interesting fact is the two are not making money themselves but sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with everyone around the world to let them become a part of their journey to success.

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