TOP 17 Trending Online Products to Sell in 2022

In the year 2022, the global e-commerce market will be worth a whopping 5.4 trillion US. Dollars. If you want to be part of this trillion-dollar industry, you definitely need a hot selling product for your online business. Selling the right product with the right strategy will win you sales.

That is why; we will be talking about 17 trending online products to sell in 2022. These products can surely provide you with the gateway to enter the e-commerce market. Moreover, if you are already well into e-commerce, you can add these products to your online store to boost your existing sales.

17 Trending Online Products to Sell in 2022

Trending Online Products

  • Tripods for Phones: Thanks to the Vlogging industry, the demand for phone tripods is soaring currently. The Vlogging industry is on the rise, and many new vloggers use their mobile phones to shoot. This has led to a tremendous increase in sales of mobile phone tripods. Moreover, this demand is here to stay. Nowadays, other professions such as teachers, news anchors, students, and entrepreneurs are actively using phone tripods as well.
  • Portable Microphones: Once again, we have a product that is integral to Vlogging. Vloggers use microphones that are portable, wearable, and battery-powered. There is a great demand for such microphones because they are cost-effective and easy for vloggers to use. That is why; portable microphones are high margin products in the tech category for you to sell in 2022.
  • Neon Wall Signs & Decorations: You must have seen these lit neon signs in many influencer videos and interior design images. After all, these are the next big thing in Gen Z and Gen X’s idea of room and workplace aesthetics. They look so cool and are sustainable. These illuminated tubes are positioned to form a sign or text. You can provide custom made Neon signs on your online store.
  • Nail Art Kits: The demand for nail art kits is shooting through the roof. Credit goes to a drastic rise in the beauty influencer culture and talented nail artists. Young girls are crazy about these creative embellishments and nail art tools. You can make the best out of this hype. With your online store, you can sell nail art kits with the right marketing strategy to a larger audience; in fact, if you are a local nail artist, this is a gold mine for you.
  • Camera Drones: Yes! We are talking about the drones that YouTubers use to create those spectacular shots. However, camera drones are mostly expensive. However, there are manufacturers producing less costly drones. You can partner with them. Moreover, if you are a drone maker, you can design cost-effective solutions to meet the high demand for affordable camera drones.
  • Water Bottles: This might feel odd, but yes, a water bottle is a hot selling product for 2022. The global water bottle businesses are valued at $8.38 billion. Demand for reusable water bottles is peaking due to the awareness of climate change, plastic waste, and sustainable means of living. Moreover, people are more valuing a healthy lifestyle and optimal water intake. You can offer visually appealing and aesthetic water bottles at your online store.
  • Car USB Charger: USB car charger makers are enjoying a high demand time. Although, wireless charging is quite common now. Still, USB Car chargers are trending in e-commerce because of utility, ease, and portability. Moreover, wireless charging does not devices such as certain phones, DVR, and radar detectors. That is why; it is a smart and viable thought to sell USB car chargers online.
  • Strapless Bra: This might seem out of the blue. However, strapless bras are actually high in demand for the year 2022. If you want to make a good sale with strapless bras, you need to get high-quality bras. Lack of quality is the reason women have started to buy strapless bras online.
  • Mobile Phone Cases: The mobile phone market is introducing new models with different specs, and people buy phones at a rapid rate. Moreover, phone cases ensure mobile safety. This has led to a peaking demand for phone cases.
  • Shoes: The global shoe market is valued at $365.5 billion and is constantly increasing. This means the sales opportunities in shoes are infinite. You can jump on the bandwagon and sell shoes to a global audience. Shoes were the hottest online selling products for the first half of 2021.
  • Smart LED Bulbs: With widespread awareness about sustainability, global LED bulb sales are increasing. Moreover, they are high tech and less costly. That is why; people are buying these because Smart LED bulbs make a cost-effective light solution.
  • Smart Temperature Sensing Devices: Today, people prefer temperature-controlled indoors. In this regard, smart temperature sensors transmit and guide temperature control devices. You can provide affordable temperature sensors to a massive chunk of online buyers.
  • Yoga Mats: With a rise in the magnitude of the global wellness industry, the demand for yoga mats shot straight up from the roof. The COVID-19 pandemic also contributed a lot to making yoga mats a hot selling product. Yoga mats do not cost a lot to produce. This makes it a must at your online store.
  • Projectors: Do you know that projectors have been a hot selling product for the past five years? Moreover, their demand will stay up in 2022. That makes a good opportunity to offer projectors at your online store.
  • Smart Soap Dispensers: This high margin product enjoys a high demand largely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, because this automatic soap dispenser provides an ample amount of soap liquid without wasting. This makes it a cost-effective and germ-free solution.
  • Kerchief: Kerchiefs are back in fashion, with a bang. Although, they have been in and out of fashion for decades. Surely, 2022 is the lucky year for kerchief makers.
  • Bluetooth Headphones: This is something that is here to stay. Yes! Because Bluetooth headphones are portable and convenient to use. Especially, foldable headphones are high margin products in the e-commerce market. Ever since their market entry in 2004, this product never saw a decline in sales.

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You can make fortunes out of these products. Grab the opportunity, as the time is right.

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